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Art on Display
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Zaydelis Redondo ( was born and raised in the city of Caguas, Puerto Rico. Her love of art started at an early age, leading her to take classes on pastels, acrylics and watercolor techniques, and other crafting methods. Her growing passion for painting and fashion drove her to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with a minor in Human Resources from the University of Puerto Rico, enrolling in art electives to relieve stress, expanding and perfecting her craft.

In 2013, the life took a quite turn, when Zaydelis and her husband relocated to Washington State, a move that inspired her to pursue the dream of becoming a professional artist. With the help and support of her family and friends, she created her own art studio, experimenting with abstract and mixed media, using a non- representational shapes and vibrant colors, to express her feelings on canvas. This journey led her to discover new and interesting hues, lines and textures that allow her to get carried away by her intuition and inspiration, capturing the story of what is going on her mind as she gets lost in the moment. Aided by her affection for colors, creativity and imagination, her emotive works of art favor acrylics and inks as principal mediums. She’s always evolving as an artist; she can be seen using credit cards for scraping or mixing interesting textures with molding paste, sand and gold or silver leaf to add an extra dimension to her pieces. Redondo’s style is unique, bold and fresh, finding inspiration in her surroundings and life experiences devising a distinctive personal style that emanates joy by exalting the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of her beloved Caribbean culture.

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