Yoga is a form of exercise that has been clinically proven to aid in the treatment of these and many more conditions: stress, hypertension, depression, addiction recovery, racing thoughts, and so much more. We offer several forms of yoga here at the women's wellness center, so you can find the style that works best for you. Think of it like food — everyone needs to eat, but some prefer salad over grilled veggies.
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Yoga Fundamentals with Mara Critchett

Yoga Fundamentals with Mara is an educational class, looking at the basic yoga poses, and how they are the underlying foundation of all the yoga poses.The student is encouraged to understand who they are in their bodies and how this will show up in their yoga poses. The student will approach and practice the fundamental yoga poses, by using various props such as walls, chairs, blocks and straps, The student will learn how to recruit important muscles to safely explore these basic yoga poses. Great for the beginning student, and the student who wants to deepen their understanding of alignment and what the poses are really there to do.

Gentle Yoga with Mara Critchett

Gentle Yoga with Mara is a recommended beginner's class. The class has a slower pace, which allows ample time for the student to develop skills necessary to find safe alignment. This is an all levels class and recommended for those wanting to approach yoga with awareness and precision.

Free Flow with Kellie Moore

Free Flow with Kellie is an hour of meditation, breath-work, postures, and options. This all-levels class offers dynamic sequencing and many choices for individuals to find and create the most beneficial practice. With a vinyasa flare, classes are fun and uplifting, energetic and relaxing.

Wellness Yoga with Liliya Whitehouse

Wellness Yoga with Liliya includes a fusion of meditation, gentle, yin and restorative yoga designed to be accessible to and for every body.

432hz Healing Yoga with Kori Lynn

A gentle and simple yoga flow perfect for beginners and students looking for a quiet inward journey. Kori Lynn shares original music tuned to the natural and high vibrational frequency of 432hz. The sounds and uplifting lyrics enhance the healing rhythm of our breath and allow us to move deeper into the body to access our true self healing abilities.

Conscious Vinyasa with Suzanne Kohl

Suzanne teaches all levels of Yoga, beginning each class with the focus on breathing and stilling the mind and the body integrating mudras, and philosophical sayings. A series of whole body warm ups and stretching follow assuring students are ready for an active sequence of flowing postures and some longer standing postures. Attention is given to alignment, strength and core work throughout the entire class. Her students comment after her class, that they feel taller, younger and as if they just had a full body massage.

Building Strength Yoga with Grace Kane

Grace combines yoga poses with targeted bodyweight exercises in a purposeful and slow control pace, so you can GET STRONG by engaging your muscles to build strength and gain flexibility; GET WISE by tuning into the inner wisdom of your bodies; GET CALM by relaxing your mind into the rhythm of your breath. This class is ideal for anyone who is interested in self-care, or for athletes looking for new challenge.

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