woman enjoying a massage
spa mud and sea salt
Massage is the working of soft body tissue and deeper layers of muscle to enhance function, improve circulation, aid in healing, and promote relaxation and well-being. Using various manual techniques, the massage practitioner applies pressure that reduces muscle tension and creates more harmony within your body.


Marilyn Stephens
Marilyn Stephens graduated from Brenneke School of Massage (now known as Cortiva). Her specialties are Swedish, deep tissue, and geriatric massage. She believes massage therapy is an important addition to each person’s path to wellness and vitality. Each massage session is geared toward the individual needs of her client and a commitment to provide the best massage possible.
Audra Richardson
Audra Richardson, LMP CIMI has been a massage therapist for over a decade. She loves incorporating energy work and stretching into her treatment. Here style is flowing and nurturing although she uses deep work when needed. In addition, she also loves hot stone work, Thai yoga massage and Ayurvedic healing.
Mira Love
Mira Love, LMP, CR graduated from Ashmead College, and is continuously furthering her education at Seattle Reflexology and Massage Center. Using a combination of techniques Mira's massages offer a unique experience tailored to your specific health goals. She uses heat therapy and stretches to help reach the deeper tissues while providing a nurturing and flowing relaxation touch. Her specialties include Swedish, Deep Tissue and pre-Natal Massage.
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